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As business development manager of Poalim high-tech , Mirish Ashkenazy works to recruit, accompany and supply services to young and promising start-ups in Israel and worldwide.

The high-tech  trade is clearly totally different from all different industries, and thus providing banking services to the high-tech  world ought to be a part of a whole array of extra services as a result of it’s associate trade with its own wants, its own language and its own desoxyribonucleic acid,” explains Mirish Ashkenazy, business development manager of the high-tech  system at Bank Hapoalim.

And she is aware of what she is talking regarding. before change of integrity Poalim high-tech , Ashkenazy managed the high-tech  banking of Bank Hapoalim through the “Hagalim” branch in Herzliya Pituah, that operates in associate industrial zone that she defines as associate “absolute high-tech  setting.”

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Under her management, the bank provided banking services to several high-tech  corporations – from start-ups to massive technology businesses. In her current position at the bank’s headquarters, Ashkenazy and her colleagues target “Poalim high-tech ,” headed by Yossi Vinitsky, in recruiting and escorting start-up in Israel’s Start-up Nation, and round the world.

When asked however and wherever the distinction in commission to start-up corporations differs from “ordinary” corporations in ancient industries, Ashkenazy explains: “We offer high-tech  entrepreneurs with a one-stop look service, with a contact person offered from anyplace and in any language,” she says, “so that the businessperson World Health Organization works with him will contact him by email, phone or WhatsApp 24/7, and he’ll fix any issues that arise, from A to Z. this is often a very important a part of the dynamics of labor with start-ups.”

In addition, “What distinguishes our service to the high-tech  field from different fields is that the indisputable fact that we tend to develop and make lots of contacts for the businessperson within the trade. and that we are connected to any or all the leading incubators and funds within the trade in Israel with business and social connections of all types, that is a component of the network culture that’s terribly characteristic of high-tech .”

What else distinguishes the start-up corporations from different companies?

��From a money purpose of read, these are corporations that pay most of their finances on analysis and on innovative technological developments. These corporations are sometimes not famed at the first however are engaged in developing and raising funds for more development. on the far side that, the complete high-tech  sector works, as stated, within the networking technique, that may be a large and important amendment compared to the normal industries.”


��Hi-Tech networking is expressed initial within the development of a network of connections with varied trade entities through cooperation, joint events, conferences and conferences, and therefore the plan is that you simply become a part of the ecosystems, that is, from the business setting of the merchandise or the technology. What distinguishes the high-tech  networking circles is that the giving and connections you create, and donating while not expecting immediate compensation, as a result of you recognize that sometime you may get the picture back. within the sense of ‘Ship your grain across the sea; when several days you’ll receive a come back.’

��To me, the cooperative economy, the giving and therefore the connections are superb, making a win-win state of affairs for all sides. once you see it happening ahead of your eyes, it’s spectacular. And whoever doesn’t behave like that, by the way, can notice himself out of the sport.”

And will this networking prove itself within the bottom line?

��The entire high-tech  trade in Israel and round the world is engaged in an exceedingly network of giving and help, that is my mind is one among the most factors for its success, and that i decision it ‘the economy of abundance.’ Here, one and one and one is far quite 3. It’s simply larger and additional correct and additionally creates semipermanent success.

��In distinction to the normal industries wherever either side desires to grasp what quantity it earns and what it gets out of it currently, within the high-tech  field, the attitude is: ‘Maybe straight away i will be able to not build a profit, and you may profit as a result of I helped you, however within the future {it can|it’ll} come back to everybody – and everybody will profit.’

��This is that the discourse. on the far side that, the importance of networking is in cooperation and transparency, since everything is visible on social networks. everybody is aware of. there’s nothing to cover and there’s no area for quarrels and manipulations by ways that don’t seem to be visible. Positive networking is that the world of this and tomorrow. “

FOR NEARLY four years, Ashkenazy has been at the pinnacle of the business development of Poalim high-tech , basically since its introduction. In recent years she has been advancing within the field she calls “developing business in an exceedingly reality that changes each moment,” within which she is recruiting and incidental to dozens of promising young start-ups in Israel and round the world. As a part of providing an entire package for patrons during this distinctive field, high-tech  bankers are opened up in ten of the bank’s branches throughout the country, World Health Organization offer services solely to start-ups and entrepreneurs, understanding their language, desoxyribonucleic acid and desires.

��Our high-tech  bankers manner} to accompany the start-ups all the way, and therefore the bank even wrote a corroborative credit policy for the move,” adds Ashkenazy. “In addition, we tend to are finance in risk capital funds through Bank Hapoalim’s investment arm Poalim Capital Markets,

��At the identical time, there’s the bank’s Innovation Division, that tracks the businesses we tend to recruit in varied fields, like medication, net or cyber. Here we discover several corporations within the field of fintech, which means that they house technological developments for money systems. For the Innovation Division, for instance, there are many various start-ups that may facilitate the division.”

And this is often a form of message that the bank comes.

��It’s true, as a result of the bank is spoken communication, adds Ashkenazy not the sole one with the information, it’s additionally returning from outside, and that i need to bring it to American state.’ This additionally creates a state of affairs within which the identical start-up may be a supplier of innovation in Bank Hapoalim and a bank client at the identical time.”

What distinctive services does one offer to those customers?

��The usual examples are to attach them with different investors and repair suppliers. for instance, my job is to recruit customers for the bank. That’s what I do. And once a awfully serious body refers American state to a high-tech  client, it’s not thanks to my stunning eyes, or as a result of he desires American state to consult with him different customers. He can do that as a result of we tend to are sitting in his product basket as associate choice he recommends. Now, within the high-tech  field, if I offer that client a service that’s not the most effective, then on behalf of me I burned this channel with the client and with the referral body. during this field you usually must work on your most.

We talked regarding the distinctiveness of the high-tech  field, however it seems that the generation of these operating in it, developers and entrepreneurs, additionally has its own characteristics and demands that are in contrast to the other field within the past.

��Because it’s a replacement trade each in its thinking and in its technological work. one thousandth of these World Health Organization add this field are terribly high-quality individuals, geniuses in development, and whether or not they are doing not perceive political economy or management, they’ll understand to rent knowledgeable from outside. And besides, those within the field even have their desoxyribonucleic acid, that centers on the principle of collaboration and connections between individuals. I will say that I, too, conduct myself in step with this attitude, that leads the sector to nice successes within the world.

Would you outline this high-tech  generation as additional valuable than the generations before it?

��This may be a generation that’s sharp, caring and values-oriented, that is aware of the way to support others and social associations, with a stress on associate ecological agenda for the preservation of the earth, a generation that expects all the bodies and organizations in its setting to talk during this language. the idea for triple-crown cooperation during this generation can invariably be believability, integrity and compliance with timetables. From my expertise in banking with all different industries, i’d be happy if all of them spoke within the same language because the high-tech  trade, with such real and clear connections between individuals. it’d be higher for the entire world and for United States.”

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