Concerning Cancer and Plato’s Science of Human Survival


Scientists are telling U.S.A. that we tend to should stop polluting the oceans with rubbish or face harmful consequences. Over 2 thousand years past Plato, victimization geometrical logic, was well previous that drawback. He replaced passionate aggressive spiritual feeling with associate evolving moral affectional arithmetic happiness to his axiom that “All is Geometry”. His instructional system was specifically designed to achieve non secular scientific access to eternity rather that obtaining any illusive deity’s permission to try and do therefore.

Plato’s atomic ‘Science for moral Ends’ was made public in his ‘The Republic’ to guide associate ennobling system of presidency for the health of the universe. that idea was way bigger than stopping the pollution of the oceans. Its specific objective was, that by turning into associate integral emotional a part of universal welfare, civilization wouldn’t become extinct. Plato was advocating a medical resolution to the matter of social group compulsion to evolve by developing aggregation. His life’s work is currently thought-about to be the crucial basis for the moral workings of associate infinite living holographic universe.

Plato’s system of logic concerning eternity didn’t would like permission to know its nature by being subservient to unpeaceful gods. He made a spiritually moral scientific map so as to achieve understanding concerning the character of eternity, to switch the compulsion driving tribes to kill one another. However, Plato’s human survival science’s system of logic couldn’t presumably become useful till the biological necessity for social group science to wage wars of survival became associate evident sort of a mental cancerous disorder.

When desoxyribonucleic acid discovered that humans belong to one species harming itself, social group science was diagnosed as a sort of cancer in 1972. The initiation father of the yank National Cancer analysis Foundation the Nobelist in drugs, Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi, remarked this cancer as being transmissible from our Neolithic ancestors.

Many cancer researchers currently argue that cancer, being distinctive to biological systems, is an important a part of the evolution of social group science however not essentially part of the evolution of species. social group science is related to the sexual compulsion to destroy life in obedience to the ‘kill or be killed’ survival of the fittest paradigm discovered in nature. Male dominance to impregnate females needing offspring best suited to shield the tribe from alternative predators diode to the evolution of human intellect through the event of aggregation.

The transformation of social group science to at least one which will work for all members of the human species is currently a medical drawback requiring counterpoison data. Such data is quickly on the market however has been incorrectly classified by social group bioscience as happiness to obsolete DNA. This very important non-junk information are often found in human survival communication and knowledge devices recently discovered throughout the whole length of desoxyribonucleic acid itself.

Plato’s analysis was destined to become the idea of associate atomic science happiness to the workings of a holographic universe. It warned of a way bigger threat to civilization than throwing physical rubbish into the ocean. Plato remarked a damaging ‘evil’ happiness to the properties of unformed matter at intervals the physical atom. His analysis diode to somebody’s survival map to follow in order that civilization might avoid extinction from developing a science resulting in the emergence of this nuclear destruction from at intervals the atom.

Plato used the results of the magnetic properties of static magnet upon human emotional thought, to construct his non secular human magnetic attraction survival compass. He argued that illusive inventive, aesthetic , enjoyable excitement unfold the seeds of social group conflict associated needed a non secular moral knowledge as an counterpoison to such demonizing of primitive, tribal, inventive feeling. He terribly clearly discovered the magnetic attraction direction related to future human survival. It started with the chaos of unformed matter at intervals the dark chasm moving forward to form lightweight and matter.

The European house Agency’s Max Planck Observatory, that mapped the existence of the oldest lightweight within the universe, discovered that it absolutely was asymmetrical in nature. Therefore, Plato’s magnetic attraction human survival direction was one that started from nuclear chaos and touched toward the creation of asymmetrical lightweight. In 1957 the big apple Library of Science printed the book “Babylonian Mythology and trendy Science”, stating that Einstein derived his theory of scientific theory from the mythological, mathematical intuitions happiness to Babylonian culture.

Einstein’s quantum mechanistic social group worldview needed physical reality to belong to a state of symmetrical balance. His observer participant theories related to the character of symmetrical lightweight rather than asymmetrical light merely headed backwards from human survival to the chaos of unformed matter.

Einstein, being bolted into Babylonian social group science had each right to understand bound aspects of Babylonian arithmetic as happiness to nice genius. However, Babylonian understanding of the character of eternity was ruled by unpeaceful gods and goddesses that forbade any mathematical access to infinity. This concern of eternity is created clear written on baked clay Babylonian tablets recording the mythological conflict that followed once one amongst the gods given immortality to a keeper on the Ark throughout the nice Flood. Another pill exists showing mathematical deceit was intentionally embedded into the Babylonian system to subjugate the people to a warlike sexual violence. That lawfulness became embedded into the functioning of world social group science.

The Sumerian culture measured time as a seven day week with days of twenty four hours and every hour of sixty minute period, along with direction being measured from a circle containing 300 sixty degrees. These mathematical ideas were destined to at least one day become associate integral facet of part exploration.


The Babylonian culture developed the additional ancient pseudoscience Sumerian arithmetic so as to predict eclipses. A clay pill written by a Babylonian priest to the King exists. It advises him of the forthcoming 673BC eclipse, that the gods demanded was to be accustomed terrorize the people. The individuals were thereby to be animated into a sexual hysteria to wage war through the worship of their divinity of vice crime and war, Ishtar. This was needed by ‘the gods’ so as to expand the boundaries of the dominion.

Einstein’s social group science logic diode toward the chaos related to unformed matter at intervals the dark chasm. His quantum physics and each alternative facet of his social group sciences were ruled by the Second Law of physical science, that states that inevitably all energy becomes unobtainable to support life as chaos steady will increase, inflicting all life within the universe to become extinct. Einstein might ne’er have acknowledged that in the twenty first Century quantum biology cancer researchers would discover that healthy living data flowed within the wrong way to the energies of chaos.

As the cancer man of science Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi has insisted, healthy living data entangled itself with the energies of chaos so as to evolve universal consciousness. He wrote that the reason for cancer was associate incorrect understanding related to the Second Law of physical science.

The man of science Georg Cantor has been acclaimed to be the best mathematician in history in addition because the most hated one. He united with Szent-Gyorgyi’s observation that trendy science’s understanding of the Second Law of physical science carried a mental cancer disorder. He classified this disorder as “a myopic concern of eternity inhabiting the trendy scientific mind”. His ‘pagan’ heresy attacked the salaried security of each human utilized by Christian University research project departments throughout the Western instructional system. Cantor was driven to his deathbed as a result of these potent Christian scientists created incorrect mathematical theorems ridiculing his currently accepted mathematical description of infinite reality.

Isaac Newton believed that Plato’s evolving, infinite universe was scientifically authentic. In his printed twenty eighth question Discussions he wrote that the primary reason for gravitation was by no means created by the mass of objects in house however by a non secular force in accordance with Hellenic language science. though defendant of being insane for this criminal heresy his earlier writings that the church had been theologically incorrect suggests that he was cognizant of what he had written. His breakdown may perhaps are led to by the threat of being burnt alive for publication that heresy.

We do grasp sure as shooting that the Christian Church incorrectly promoted the false claim that Leonardo Leonardo|da Vinci|old master|sculptor|sculpturer|carver|statue maker|engineer|applied scientist|technologist|architect|designer} was a genius master of the nice Italian Renaissance. The teaching of Plato’s human survival atomic instructional system, banished by the Emperor Justinian within the sixth Century, had touched to Toledo in Espana to later become the idea of Islam’s Scientific Golden Age. ruler Memhed II later provided the Medici students in European country with the relevant critical manuscripts happiness to academy, to be reinstated in Florence throughout the fifteenth Century.


Plato’s education system of associate ennobling government to nullify the threat of unformed matter transfer concerning nuclear destruction was express. It consisted of arithmetic, geometry, geometry, astronomy, and harmonics. Once these were down pat then the scholar might proceed to philosophical analysis. Plato argued that geometry should not be studied for its sensible uses except for coaching the mind in non secular arithmetic. He let arithmetic become the primary of the topics of education, when that analysis into its relevant science was to become the student’s concern related to a future moral, atomic science.

Leonardo da Vinci, because the Chief applied scientist of the Pope’s Army was utilized by a Christian social group cult engaged upon waging wars of conquest on behalf of its spiritual religion. He wrote an announcement that utterly single his social group scientific genius from Plato’s human survival thought of moral science. From his printed Notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci had written “The 1st object of the painter is to create a flat plane seem as a body in relief and sticking from that plane… “, he incorrectly claimed that the flat plane of a painting surface might ne’er contain a real 3D image.

During the twentieth Century the creator El Salvador Salvidor Dali, conversant in Plato’s scientific worldview was convinced that paintings might contain vital invisible, stereoscopic 3D pictures. His renowned 3D exposition, currently on show at the Salvidor Dali Stereoscopic depository in Espana proved  indisputably that Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t correct in controversy otherwise. though it suited the aim of the Church to say that he was a master of the Renaissance, this was by no means the case.

Australian Science-Art researchers in partnership with the Australian property analysis Institute, Italian quantum biological cancer researchers and Quantum Art International bestowed this significant human survival data to the general public, together with paintings presenting way clearer 3D pictures than Salvidor Dali had pioneered. By viewing the paintings through 3D, asymmetrical, magnetic attraction, stereoscopic glasses abundant clearer interlocking planes became visible while not the technical instrumentality accustomed pioneer Dali’s evolving medical development. Leonardo da Vinci had no understanding any that the flat plane of a painting’s surface might contain the non secular human survival data that Plato had foreseen.

During 2016 such human survival theory, together with the visual proof, was bestowed to the International modern Art Competition control underneath the auspices of the globe Fund for Arts in national capital throughout the Russian Art Week. when being awarded a primary Prize that organization instigated a relevant Science-Art research in 2017, in association with the Quantum Art cluster International Movement and leading Italian quantum biology cancer researchers. 

Many distinguished scientists throughout the twentieth Century claimed that Plato’s analysis arranged  the foundations for modifying the prevailing mechanistic worldview so as to know the operating of a holographic universe. The Journal of neuroscience, established in 1938, publishes articles on the operate of the systema nervosum. throughout the twenty first Century it printed concerning experimental, holographic proof that’s relevant to Szent-Gyorgyi’s cancer analysis. That proof was concerning living 3D optical data interacting with Einstein’s extinction processes to evolve universal consciousness. This line of analysis opened new avenues for mapping holographic activity, at intervals the brain, related to the importance of biological process theory for understanding cancer.

One paper specifically, entitled ‘Human plant tissue Activity Correlates with Stereoscopic Depth Perception’ is very important. The paper provides indisputable proof that vegetative cell activity at intervals the outer layer of the evolving brain’s neural structure more responsible stereoscopic magnetic stimulation by exhibiting 2 symmetrical geometrical planes of 3D data, interlocking to create a state of asymmetrical data, demonstrating the existence of psychophysical reasoning on the far side the parameters of prevailing tribal scientific logic. Leonardo’s conviction that geometry couldn’t contain true 3D representational process has been shown to be false by magnetic attraction medical cancer analysis in addition as by paintings proving he wasn’t a part of Plato’s futurist instructional system.

Immanuel Immanuel Kant, the initiation father the magnetic attraction ‘Golden Age of Danish Science’, united that Plato’s concern that demonized aesthetic , inventive pleasure required to be balanced by a non secular, inventive knowledge. He wrote that this knowledge was of course associate asymmetrical magnetic attraction, non secular field evolving at intervals the artistic, inventive mind.

This transition of dysfunctional social group data to fragments of 3D human survival science comprehension, should clearly be making a heavy international medical drawback. Epidemiologists appointed by governments to be chargeable for such epidemics have classified the 3D dysfunctional information as a world epidemic transmitted by the production of dysfunctional communication and knowledge devices. Being subservient to social group science dictates that they need no counterpoison for the social injury it’s inflicting. However, the character of the counterpoison has been discovered by developing Szent-Gyorgyi’s cancer analysis, during which the energies of damaging chaos entangle with healthy data to evolve universal consciousness.

A high resolution image exists of the geometrical form that the human cell adopts before forming its divisional method to form reproduction cells. it’s clearly associate infinite pattern expression undergoing an magnetic attraction operate related to the dividing method. Epidemiologists trying to find associate counterpoison to the worldwide 3D misinformation epidemic completed that Cantor’s infinite arithmetic should somehow be concerned. They remarked the dividing method jointly obeying some sort of Cantorian ‘sensibility’. David Hilbert is acknowledged jointly of the foremost potent mathematicians of the nineteenth and twentieth Centuries. He was one amongst the few scientists United Nations agency united that Cantor’s arithmetic was a bridge to the understanding of the character of eternity.

Hilbert and Einstein worked along on the variations between symmetrical physical reality and magnetic attraction biological reality. the most distinction was that mechanistic, symmetrical, magnetic attraction fields rotate within the wrong way to living asymmetrical fields. Immanuel Kant had known the latter as happiness to Plato’s explore for associate moral, spiritual, magnetic attraction field evolving at intervals the artistic, inventive mind.


Einstein, together with the epidemiologists were bolted into a physical, symmetrical world-view. As a consequence Einstein lost interest in Hilbert’s analysis. Einstein’s read of the body of quantum physics embraced a symmetrical thought of reality. He was unable to associate this reality being entangled with Immanuel Kant and Hilbert’s non secular, asymmetrical, magnetic attraction field happiness to the evolution of healthy inventive knowledge, related to infinite consciousness.

From the high resolution image of healthy organic process it became obvious that once poised to divide, the cell generated associate magnetic attraction field that merely prevented the dysfunctional data from being transmitted to its reproduction cell. The transfer of the cancer data at a later stage of cellular development could be a medical drawback requiring counterpoison information encoded into what, as antecedently mentioned, has been incorrectly classified as DNA.

Both social group science and human survival counterpoison science are a part of human evolution, so that they are often entangled along at intervals a computer virus so as to come up with a balanced medical human survival identification. All that’s needed is for the program to be controlled by relevant indisputable human survival scientific directions to get the human survival blueprint.

A relevant laptop diagnosing are often programmed to emulate the results of monoamine neurotransmitter, a compound within the body dominant human emotions inflicting compulsive behaviour. At junctions at intervals the systema nervosum monoamine neurotransmitter will build up to form resistless magnetic attraction cravings, perpetually governing numerous aspects of a dysfunctional temperament. an easy low high-powered medical device exists, which might emit an indication that enables the mind to free itself from the overwhelming emotional ‘lust’ compulsion, transfer concerning the capability to rationalize over self damageing rather that a compulsion to communicate harm upon others.

A quote from patron saint Claude Bernard Shaw “Two % of the individuals suppose; 3 percent of the people think they think; and 95 percent of the people would rather die than think.” are often thought-about to be relevant relating to the actual fact that therefore referred to as geniuses, United Nations agency suppose they’ll think, are literally being ruled by the affectional social group genius of only a few individuals.

The shrewd, intuitive, emotional ingenuity of world leaders is extraordinarily valuable. If a laptop medical analysis providing the equalisation counterpoison to unscrupulous rich person social group needs is obtained, then it’d additionally embody data giving them access to moral wealth and power way on the far side their social group mindset’s ability to imagine. it’s up to the 3 % of the people that suppose they think, to produce rock solid proof supporting human survival at intervals the operating of a holographic universe so as to bring Plato’s Science for moral Ends into existence. Once that’s done then world leaders will begin to entertain dialogue regarding an moral counterpoison attribute, now that science has come back to know the workings of the holographic universe that we tend to inhabit. they’ll modify Rene Descates’ social group axiom “I suppose, so I am” to browse “We feel and suppose, so we tend to are”.

Bertrand Russell, acknowledged for his emotional allegiance to Babylonian mathematical culture, in 1903 wrote his most renowned essay entitled ‘A Free Man’s Worship’ advocating that civilization should worship the Second Law of physical science that Einstein insisted must govern all of the sciences.

The Russell-Einstein pronunciamento announced on the ninth of July, 1955, was concerning the hazards of nuclear weapons development and necessitated world leaders to hunt peaceful resolutions to international conflict. This renowned pronunciamento wasn’t definitely worth the paper it absolutely was written on, because the prevailing North Korean nuclear crisis demonstrates. Plato’s science supposed to forestall nuclear destruction caused by the emergence of unformed matter from at intervals the atom, currently warrants an important investigation regarding the upgrading of social group science into a science capable of generating the human survival blueprint.


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