A good quality of life, which was rumored by thirty one.3 % of patients before treatment initiation with cannabis oil medication, quite doubled to sixty six.8 % at six months

new study shows that medical cannabis is effective in kids with syndrome in relieving symptoms like tics, rage attacks, restlessness, depression, and seizures, in line with a promulgation publicized  on Thursday.

The study was conducted by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the desert (BGU) and Soroka University heart.

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“Overall, quite eighty % of the oldsters rumored vital or moderate improvement in their kid,” same Lihi Bar-Lev Schneider, of the BGU-Stroke Clinical Cannabis analysis Institute.

According to BGU’s Dr. Gal Meiri of the desert syndrome Center, “We analyzed the info prospectively collected as a part of the treatment program of 188 ASD patients treated with medical cannabis between 2015 and 2017. The treatment in majority of the patients was supported cannabis oil containing thirty % cannabidiol oil (CBD) and one.5 % psychoactive drug (THC). Symptoms, patient world assessment and aspect effects at six months were primary outcomes of interest and were assessed by structured questionnaires.

Quality of life and mood were assessed before treatment and assessed once more six months once the initiation of cannabis treatment. an honest quality of life, that was rumored by thirty one.3 % of patients before treatment initiation quite doubled to sixty six.8 % at six months. Positive mood rapt up to sixty three.5 % from forty two percent once six months.


Good sleep, rumored by solely three.3 % of patients, shot up to twenty four.7 percent, and concentration went up from zero % to fourteen percent throughout active treatment.

“While this study recommend that cannabis treatment is safe and may improve ASD symptoms and improve ASD patients’ quality of life, we have a tendency to believe that trial placebo-controlled trials are crucial for a far better understanding of the cannabis result on ASD patients,” says Dr. Victor Novack, of the BGU-Soroka Clinical Cannabis analysis Institute.

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