The Integration of religion and Politics

The Integration of religion and Politics

The church is God’s community; this is often a non secular community of religion with mandate to represent the interest of God on earth. Through this non secular community, God needs to achieve intent on the profane community.

we have a tendency to are to evangelize the community towards God. this is often our initial assignment to evangelise self-reproach. so demonstrate the diakonos and apostolic mandate. Acts6:1-8.We are to minister to the entire man, we’d like to supply life work. the sole establishment that has answers for dying world is that the church. we have a tendency to are God’ stewards.

Stewardship is needed in our communities. United Nations agency may be a steward? A steward is anyone charged with a responsibility to require excellent care of that that isn’t his or her thence at risk of provides a full account of his or her berth ” it’s needed that a steward be found faithful”1 corinthians4vs2. each steward is responsible to the one United Nations agency appointed him or to his master, during this case a nation and its natural or money resources are God’s property and other people are God’s creation.

we have a tendency to are charged with responsibility and duty whether or not as politicians, clergymen, community leaders or ancient leadership to Manage, Develop and Preserve what God has created.

Two words can repeatedly kick off whenever you discover the word berth in any context,” Responsibility” and “accountability” we have a tendency to are to preserve the state from non secular,morally,economical and social corruption and contamination by any means that.

we have a tendency to are to manage, develop and preserve the national, social economical, non secular and public affairs and properly manage the national resources, national investments, and national treasury. we’ve a requirement and responsibility to enhance the social, economical and ethical standards of our communities as church leaders. it’s unfortunate that the church avoided something that involves community.

Ungodly folks corrupt society, Corruption is truly sin and gross wickedness that delays the social, political, economical and non secular progress of a rustic. once a nation denounces the authority of God and godly principle of governance a seed of decay and erosion of morality, justice, peace, integrity and therefore the concern of God takes place. this can lead a nation into a significant social and ethical breakdown on the far side human comprehension.


Community leadership is ordained by God and not by man, in step with the book of Romans13:1 each the govt. and its voters has responsibility towards one another and additionally towards God because the creator and owner of everything.

all has to treat national duty and national leadership as sacred God is anxious how we have a tendency to rule and the way we govern his folks, although in society these days we have a tendency to might have totally different types of systems however the ultimate account are going to be given to God. The rule of God through Godly leadership by prophets or priest or priesthood is termed a theocracy.

In any sense man has to be ruled particularly once man rejects God Why?, If man isn’t ruled by something we have a tendency to are visiting face chaos.1Timothy1vs8-9 Democracy itself isn’t a biblical system or order however the word government has repeatedly appeared within the scriptures Romans13:2. whereas democracy is that the work of man through philosophy and politics, government and authority ids ordained by God.

Legend politician Margret Thatcher once admitted in {an exceedingly|in a very} public speech that “We cannot build it while not religion” What she meant was we have a tendency to cannot make it without God; A impious society is an evil society.

In most case within the Bible the kings of a nation through their leadership created the state to sin, this is often true even currently dangerous leadership,


We are charged and mandated by God as Christians to preserve the state from ethical catastrophe as we have a tendency to see folks outbound each day from what’s right to pursue their lewd emotions, sinful ambitions and ungodly personal agendas and self gratification that so is that the cult of self worship and theological doctrine.

folks will forever look for totally different manner during which they will notice aiming to their lives, fulfill their own lives and be happy as person however all we have a tendency to hit is a lot of confusion and human complication. ordinarily this is often wiped out seven classes

We have a requirement as a church to try and do the subsequent issue in our nations.

1. provide non secular steering.

2. provide precognitive direction, a nation while not a precognitive voice and a prophetic direction is doomed.

3. Preserve, develop and manage our nations for God. the primary responsibility God gave man was to require care of the planet and to rule spill everything he created on earth. we’d like to understand that nature preservation is God’s can for man. we’d like to require care of our natural resources, our health, our jobs, the environment etc.

4. Be exemplary to the circular world of ungodly folks and political leaders.

5. Be a trusty establishment wherever each society and our government can run to for non secular direction and solutions.

6. To adherent our nation for Christ following the good commission within the book of (Mathew 28vs19).

7. to wish and intermediate for our nations in step with the book of (1Timothy2vs2-4). we’d like to own special and specific prays for our national leaders and pray for them rather than give tongue to them if we have a tendency to are to measure peaceable lives.

8. Be a socially and spiritually relevant company body of Christians.

9. Keep our national non secular gates through radical and aggressive spiritual warfare and intercession.

Providing Godly national leadership doesn’t solely mean turning into g a President of a rustic however it means that is you’ll offer godly leadership in whichever surroundings God has place you in.It may be during a civil society, NGO, Church organisation, CBO, United Nations agency or a section.

God demands that we have a tendency to bring fruit and positive ends up in that ever place he has place d North American nation in.

You can be a functionary as an example a law officer or a lecturer or a Member of Parliament or maybe a cupboard minister. you need to prove competence and integrity as a Christian that’s the primary step into providing Godly and non secular leadership.

You presence as a Christian ought to command respect all told these establishments. Community leadership doesn’t begin from the highest although in record or in theory it will however in follow it starts from the grass root people who work directly with problems and other people at ground level. As Christians we have a tendency to should treat our jobs or employment as sacred and a berth that we’ve received from and not simply a method of earning a living. As a Christian your labour in everything isn’t vainly, its either it’ll bring smart fruit or dangerous fruit thus use caution however you labour.

If your labour is sweet it’ll positively contribute to community development, preservation of or society and surroundings and correct management of God’s creation.

THE CHURCH and therefore the COMMUNITY

It’s ennobling to determine churches within the west and different developed countries emerge to handle problems regarding social and community affairs. continent remains troubled to search out means that and capability to reply to the social ills in society.

Biblically based mostly facilitate and Christ targeted programs aimed toward serving to the community should be designed from a system of rules, non secular and biblical purpose of read. as an example, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and drug recovery programs should be a part of the church’s mission statement. These programs kind a part of what ministry is. Ministry is turning into relevant to folks in would like and afflicted.

Spiritual steering is critical to assist form society and supply solid non secular and ethical foundation. wherever is that the church amidst of these social ills and realities of the day? The church should rethink it’s role in shaping the destiny of society; otherwise posterity can choose the church gratingly

The church as place of work of God on earth encompasses a clear mandate and responsibility to search out permanent and true solutions to human predicaments. Armed with the word of God and God’s coating, the church is competent to handle drug abuse effectively, the sole downside sweet-faced is no or lack of stress.

The church’s coaching agencies unnoted this a part of non secular and social training or ability.

The church is strategically positioned on earth to handle non secular and social ills. Therefore, it’s not inside the simplest interest of the church to condemn and shun from the issues poignant the broader society.

The church cannot condemn drug abuse, if within the in the meantime it’s doing nothing to stop or address the matter. to indicate that the establishment of the church isn’t tailored towards addressing this matter, we’ve no systems and programs designed to tackle the matter.

We have inadequate folks to handle the matter. All represent the thus known as pastoral duties. In my opinion, the church should have non secular practitioners United Nations agency are skilled with each spiritual and social skills to handle the matter. Those laid low with drug abuse ought to see the church as an area of safety and facilitate and not a place wherever the stigma is rife and at its peak.

If the church is so a revolutionary quite establishment, known as to foment a social revolution by promoting justice, lifting up the holiness of human life, fighting for the underdogs and difficult the prevailing price system in our world, then it appears we must always be call at front on social problems that have an effect on humanity

It’s clear that the church has seriously neglected this a part of the gospel. The church’s response to matters of social dysfunctions such drug abuse and HIV/AIDS is incredibly a lot of required and fall inside divine jurisdiction and mandate of disciplining the folks for the dominion of God. Failure to reply to such problems with urgency implies that the church has lost its purpose and connection to society.

Salt is sweet. however if the salt has lost its savor, wherewithal shall or not it’s seasoned? It’s neither acceptable the land, nor for the dunghill; however men forged it out. He that has AN ear to hear; let him hear. Luke14:34-35

The church then should with open hands facilitate the healing, recovery and rehabilitation method. Such a method will through warmly receiving persons United Nations agency are scuffling with addiction into the family of believers while not judgment and stigma. i think new birth will correct a person’s ethical and non secular life.

The larger line of Christianity is to serve the church and society around North American nation. Some might serve God during a a lot of submissive manner and a few may selected to serve God in society on a more aggressive role. Such quite aggressive role might embody seizing national and political leadership. different Christian’s heart motivation is to be manner manufacturers, trend setters and pace setters.

It’s not against the word of God for a Christian to own influence within the areas of national leadership and program and adherent the nations for God we have a tendency to are charged with larger responsibility and divine mandate to advocate for truth, uprightness, justice, integrity, morality and truthful play in our corrupted society.

Fruitfulness within the lord goes on the far side simply preaching the gospel to win souls however it includes creating a positive contribution towards our society and promoting the dominion of our God. thus our vocations are a part of the larger arrange of God for our lives and line.

God needs North American nation to serve on the far side church borders and reach intent on humanity. Ministry is larger than what we’ve created out of it, it goes on the far side church walls.

I in person notice nothing wrong with Christians being concerned in community affairs. I encourage Christians to require up political positions as a result of that’s what God supposed for man, to own dominion and rule on earth with concern and apology. Nations are our responsibility to govern; it’s our berth to try and do thus. Discipling the nations for God is a component of the larger line and berth of the church.

And God same allow us to build man in our image, when our likeness and allow them to have dominion over Genesis 1vs26
And God blessed them and God same unto them be fruitful and multiply, and fill the planet and subdue it and have dominion. Genesis1vs28

The best in North American nation should be realised and properly discharged to our generation. Our communities lack non secular leadership to adherent them for God. Lack of correct teaching within the areas of business, politics, governments, education, community and vocation has created the church contemn and withdraw from the terribly and most vital establishments of society during which God needs North American nation to be productive and lead.

GIFT FOR the entire

Desiring to serve at national level or in political leadership is incredibly precognitive and apostolic. These functions are apostolic mandates. this sort of leadership is revolutionary and transformational.

In my examination of what we have a tendency to ascertain or ascribed as philosophical system, i’ve got found nothing biblically and spiritually wrong with politics, however what i’ve got found are dangerous politicians. thus in my read, political leadership occupied by Christians isn’t taboo in scripture however it’s seen as berth of nation.

It’s solely dogmatic theology, conservative theology and religiousism that discourage this sort of Christian involvement and responsibility. All nice men of God within the langsyne each in the bible and our nation compete part in the political institution and liberation of our countries.

Great men of God within the bible together with kings, levites, priests, judges and prophets were non secular leaders United Nations agency compete part in social life and community leadership at society.

They took the voice of God all told spheres of life. They pictured the interests of God as touching the nations. They radical and drastically took half within the affairs of the nations as ambassador of God people that are reformers in our society tend to own a precognitive spirit or flow inside themselves.


For an extended time, Christians whether or not protestant, Pentecostal, catholic and attractive have debated the difficulty of politics and business. several counsel a whole separation of Christians from politics and business why? Politics and business are profane and of the devil. Such mentality, perspective and poor theology is chargeable for the careless growth of poorness amongst Christians and therefore the body of Christ generally.

Further such is to be blasted for gross wickedness and corruption within the political sphere. because the church was receding from business and politics evil advanced and took over society. we have a tendency to should settle for that business, cash and politics are sacred and adequate ministry and need berth.

Poor theology has misinformed, brain washed and misguided several Christians to it cash is evil, business of the devil, politics is dangerous and dirty.

My question are going to be if cash, politics and business are evil? Don’t you think that employment itself also will be evil and will be abandoned? Some Christians are used in corporations that do business which isn’t even supported by scripture, some add governments that are junction rectifier by politicians.

Honestly we have a tendency to should settle for that politics, business, amusement, education kind a part of our economies. the amount of lack and poorness amongst Christians has carelessly fully grown to the present extent thanks to the subsequent factors;

1. we have a tendency to removed covenant blessings from our times
2. we have a tendency to believed in sacred /secular split
3. we have a tendency to withdrew from profane (politics, business, education, health care and amusement.
4. we have a tendency to gave the profane over to evil
5. we have a tendency to understood the bible in such some way on promote concern, gloom and diversion
6. we have a tendency to accepted the vision people as receivers, tails, borrowers and underdogs and ran to hid.
7. we have a tendency to prophesied gloom and doom and waited for the take over of the enemy.

The profane is darker as a result of light-weight was withdrawn from it as Christians people.

Is politics evil? It’s very onerous to prove from scripture that politics is evil. however what i’ve got found is that God has no downside with politics but he encompasses a problem with evil, corrupt and dangerous politicians’ bad governments and bad political systems. a bit like cash and business, what’s wrong is what folks do with their cash; money isn’t evil by itself however will cause you to try and do smart or evil.

For example, with cash I will value more highly to purchase for my youngsters or I should buy hard drug medicine for my very own destruction. Same with politics I will value more highly to serve folks and therefore the community I represent or choose to be a trickster and a corrupt leader. what’s wrong is what folks neutralise politics.

Any politicians United Nations agency haven’t God’s interest and peoples interest eventually becomes self serving and self seeking or power hungry leading to the abuse of power, national rights, public cash and therefore the chance given him by the voters.

A need to steer in any political capability isn’t a sin however such responsibility comes with nice demands and better costs to be paid particularly if you’re a Christian.

Leadership isn’t pride however AN ordination of God, through these avenues God needs to adherent the nations through his kids. we’d like to adherent our nations for God and to not provide them away to spiritual being.

When the righteous rule folks rejoice, however once the wicked rule folks mourn Proverbs29vs2 (KJV)

We should take the voice of God into business arena and that we are visiting be aghast as we understand the facility of anointed business ideas and choices.

Secular work, ministry, charity, politics and business are sacred before God, thus Christians should work their jobs and do business with the identical passion and commitment as given to ministry.

The church should be positioned to require God’s voice into all spheres of life i.e, arts, politics, medicine, education, justice etc.

The ever increasing money lack and burdens within the body of Christ hinder the progress and delay the expansion of the many Christian churches.

Incubating our congregation in business, financial, political and investment incubators can expand our influence and paradigm for achievement. non secular leaders and their followers are imagined to be financially and spiritually prosperous as we have a tendency to represent the blessings of the lord”

Biblical economic science demands that every one Christians concerned in business should acknowledge that God’s ability guides the righteous in business. Further, employers United Nations agency are Christians should pay truthful wages to their workers and pay bonus or increase wages for increase in production and contribution to the business.


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