How Much Will Online Marketing Change in 2019?

It seems as if everything we do now is via the internet from entertainment to eCommerce. Even taking out a loan has never been easier. Many lenders, such as, are FCA authorised, so there are no worries about how they treat their borrowers.

Without an online presence, it’s impossible for businesses to expand and reach their full potential. Although many might have a website, they also need to make sure that their marketing campaigns are effective and reaching their target audiences.

What will change – or remain the same – in 2019?

The Role of Social Media

Companies need to do their research before deciding which social media platform is the best for the needs of their business in 2019. In the US, it has been calculated that 41% of Facebook users are now of retirement age (65+) while the young (under 30) tend to opt for Instagram instead.

This desertion of Facebook might be because no young person wants to share a social media platform with their parents’ generation, or it might be a reaction to the bad publicity that Facebook received in 2018. Not only was there a data breach affecting an estimated 14 million users, but the platform was widely criticised for how it had allowed political propagandists to use it unchecked.

The Increased Use of Chatbots:

Specialised chatbots can be asked many questions – from the weather forecast to the bank rate. The sophisticated software of chatbots also allows companies to provide personalised customer service – either through text chat windows or verbally. Not only can this speed up interaction times but it is also cost-effective since companies don’t have to pay human employees for this important service.

It is believed that chatbots will play an important role in 2019 in encouraging and facilitating consumer purchases, especially on people’s mobile phones. At the moment, eCommerce is often done through an app, but the main drawback is that it takes people longer to view and then order what they want to buy. It has been predicted that by 2020, 85% of all online purchases will be made through chatbots as the point of sale can appear directly on their screen.

The Impact of Voice Searches

Siri and Alexa are just two examples of how smart devices have been developed to be able to understand human speech. It has been estimated that a third of all searches are now carried out through voice technology. This technology will be perfected in 2019 as more and more people prefer the convenience of speaking – rather than typing in – their searches. The major difference is that voice commands give fewer choices than the pages of matches on a written search, and so competition will be fiercer for businesses in terms of SEO content.

This will also affect how companies prepare their websites for SEO because when people talk, they tend to use more informal language. Meta-descriptions will have to be written to reflect this, including the right choice of keywords.

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