Leveraging Technology for Organizational Excellence

Technology & 60 minutes-Leverage one for the other: “Technology and HR are enablers of business. Integration of the 2 would mean not solely harmonious co-existence however conjointly leverage one for the opposite.

leverage of technology for 60 minutes would mean digitizing the mundane 60 minutes activities and automating the rear workplace and transaction-al activities associated with achievement, performance management, career coming up with, and succession coming up with, coaching and information management.

Leverage 60 minutes for technology implies managing modification related to technology by manner of communication, training, hiring, retraining, neutral analysis and acutely aware keeping. so they will play complementary roles.”

Technology and 60 minutes each have one issue common i.e., each these are enablers of business.

In recent times, technology has become sustainable with data technology, as hardly the other technological development of the past would have wedged all spectrum of business as data technology has impacted.

No matter the sort of business you’re in i.e., services or product, artifact or branded, commerce or producing, up to date or ancient readying of knowledge technology in one type or the opposite could be a by past conclusion.

To manage and deploy technology in a good manner, all business Organizations would wish information staff. Managing of those information staff is that the responsibility of 60 minutes operate. Thence the combination of technology Ends 60 minutes is an absolute should.

Having understood technology and 60 minutes within the gift context we tend to should perceive integration during this context. Integration wouldn’t solely mean harmonious co-existing however would conjointly mean one enhancing and complementing the opposite i.e., technology is employed to boost effectiveness of 60 minutes and 60 minutes functions helps in adopting and managing modification that technology readying brings in.

Leveraging technology for 60 minutes

HR management as a operate is liable for deliverables like business strategy execution, body potency, worker contribution and capability for modification.

of these are accomplished through what 60 minutes folks do i.e., staffing, development, compensation, benefits, communicate organization style, high acting groups then on. In majority of those areas technology is being deployed.


E-recruitment has gone a protracted manner since it’s begun. Currently these sites have gone international. Sites like jobs-ahead.com and monster.com have established international network, which encompasses separate sites for jobs in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, and Canada etc.

Job seekers are able to search job by region or country and employers target potential workers in specific countries. As an example, 3 Com recently denote an organization profile on the ere web site that highlights the contributions of three come’s Irish style team in its international comes.

In the youth e-recruitment was overrun with flooding the employers with low-quality bio-Mata’s. once more technology has come back as a savior. Currently pre-employment testing just like the one introduced by Capital One, a USA based mostly money company, facilitate in filtering the candidates. These tools check on-line e.g., candidates for decision centers.

‘Profile International’ a TX based mostly supplier of employment assessments, has developed tools that enable instant translation of assessment tests between languages. Additional developments like video- conference specialized sites, on-line executives achievements and mixing online and offline ways are resulting in additional and more corporations adopting e-recruitment a minimum of as a secondary achievement technique.

Arena Knights Bridge, a USA based mostly IT company conducts video based interview of its prospective workers and solely short listed employees are met personally. Even Cisco was to launch the identical.

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service is probably one utility of IT, which has mitigated 60 minutes of most of mundane tasks and helped it to boost worker satisfaction. Worker self services could be a exclusiveness of little activities, that were earlier meted out by worker through administration wing of 60 minutes.

These are travel bookings, travel rules data, travel bills, leave rules, leave administration, perk administration, etc. Earlier of these rules and data were within the custody of 60 minutes.

Each user worker was expected to achieve bent 60 minutes and acquire it done. currently with readying of ESS in most of the businesses, worker will request for travel connected booking on-line, fill his/her T.E. bills, apply for leave, log written account and see his perks price disbursed and due etc.

E.g., in Ballard Industries Ltd. leave administration is totally digitized in its company workplace. it’s operating towards digitizing travel connected activities, perks and even compensation management and performance management administration. ‘Digitize or source all the mundane and routine focus solely on core and price add’ – Vines Chambray V.P. -PDC BILT.


Communication that is most talked regarding management tool has continually been a grey area in 60 minutes management. In massive corporations with large geographical unfold human activity with all workers had extremely expose formidable challenge to 60 minutes professionals. Technology has once more come back for rescue.

Beginning with telephones, faxes, e-mails and maturing into video conferencing, net cast, net forged etc. communication is one space of 60 minutes that has been greatly benefited by technology.

Mouse & click corporations like Oracle, IBM has A computer network that caters to most of the knowledge desires of its workers. Brick & Mortars corporations like BUILT even have created a encroach upon deploying computer network for internal communication, that has company bulletin board, media coverage, and information corners.

Knowledge Management

Another space of 60 minutes, that is leverage technology, is worker development. Programmed learning (PL) i.e. learning at its own pace is one in all the foremost effective ways that of adult learning. Use of technology for this purpose can’t be over stressed.

Par-tech on-line University and ‘The Manage mentor’ are a number of the Indian sites, that are during this business information management, that is AN integral a part of any learning organization, that cannot become a reality while not technology.

corporations will harness the information of its workers by cataloging and hosting it on the computer network. sit down with ‘Big-5’ or not ‘so big’ consulting corporations you’ll notice that main keep of their business is that the information repository.

Technology has enabled them to retrieve it fleetly. within the competitive atmosphere wherever speed is that the name of game technology driven information Management perpetually provides a strategic advantage.

If you study 60 minutes module of ERP solutions like folks soft, SAP, Oracle and Aramco they supply you with a comprehensive package that helps in man-power coming up with, recruitment, performance management, coaching and development, career coming up with

, succession coming up with, separation and grievance handling. A dealing happening all told these areas are digitized and type a closed-loop system guaranteeing worker info is usually updated. E.g. a connection letter of a brand new worker is system generated. it’ll be written only if all necessary fields of knowledge are entered.

equally a transfer order or a separation letter is issued from the system providing that dealing has been meted out within the system.

For career coming up with, success coming up with, talent and competencies matrix ways are utilized by most of those systems. They search AN worker with the desired skills 1st within the in-house info of workers.

Once place in follow in letter & spirit, this technique not solely enhances business results by matching the proper candidate for right job however conjointly improves retention of workers.

Processing payroll, churning out time workplace reports, providing 60 minutes-MUS are another routine activities of HR that are off-loaded to technology.

Leveraging 60 minutes for Technology

All 60 minutes professionals, preaching or active, learning or experimenting, teaching or learning have old leverage technology for 60 minutes. however most folks stumble upon a scenario wherever we want to leverage 60 minutes for technology. allow us to perceive what will we mean by this.

Whenever technology is deployed anew or upgraded it involves a modification. The modification could also be at the activity level e.g., applying for leave through the computer network or at the mental model level e.g., digitizing the method succession coming up with that are 60 minutes professionals forte.

The folks have continually registered adopting modification. this can be one space wherever 60 minutes professionals are to deliver i.e., become change agents and lead the method of technology and alter adoption.

The resistance to vary is directly proportional to hurry of change. currently speed of modification has exaggerated and thence resistance.

Just to require AN example, most of ERP implementation within the world haven’t been able to deliver all the expectations. a number of these have didn’t deliver in the slightest degree. whereas analyzing the explanation for failure it’s been ascertained that ninety six of failures are thanks to folks connected problems and solely four are because of technology.

It is the folks that create the difference; thence 60 minutes ought to exploit its experience to facilitate the adoption of technology. i’d wish to place along a number of the thoughts on what 60 minutes ought to do for this.

At the time of achievement, stop hiring for skills rather rent for perspective and a learning mind. Skills of these days aren’t any longer valid tomorrow. Managing ever dynamical modification is that the solely criteria for fulfillment .

Functional or technical skills may be non-heritable throughout the work. thence achievement within the technology era has to endure a paradigm shift i.e., from a skill/competency based mostly it has to be perspective and learning mind/ ability based interview.

that will translate into hiring for skills for future. In IBM each employee must fill in his/her individual development set up wherever the worker commits its learning one/two new skills each year so remaining competitive anytime.

If we glance at the chemistry of resistance to vary it’s either a talent issue or a can issue. to deal with the need issue we want to figure at a comprehensive answer ranging from achievement (as mentioned earlier), reward, compensation and resulting in organization culture that promotes modification.

A living example is 3M, a USA based mostly company, wherever innovation is far of life, wherever tenth of revenue should come back from new product each year. For them modification becomes manner of life.

To address the need issue additional organization must prepare a communication strategy that creates a ‘pull’ for the technology. as an example, in RayBan, after they went for SAP implementation they anticipated resistance. to deal with this they started a house journal, that was geared toward educating the workers on the advantages, which is able to result from adoption of ERP, SAP. This created a necessity rather a possible need or a latent need was brought out. Adoption of ERP didn’t become a lot of of a controversy.

At times adoption of technologies is perceived as a threat by the workers e.g., automation resulting in reduction in staff, workplace automation resulting in retrenchment of clerks etc.

60 minutes has to be related to the technical adoption right from the start until the top. At the choice of technical stage if 60 minutes is associated, it will map the talents needed and build a pull throughout implementation and adoption. Post adoption it will unharness the surplus non-re-allocate workers.

To understand this method additional clearly we will take example of ERP implementation. ERP is taken as AN example as this can be one technology adoption that effects workers across the org. no matter operate and position. the other automation might have affected solely a section of organization. ERP implementation in any organization goes through the subsequent stages.

  1. choice of package
  2. Business analysis
  3. answer style
  4. Configuration and customization
  5. room piloting (CRP)
  6. Go-live and production

At every stage 60 minutes must play a task, which is able to facilitate in mitigating resistance to vary.

During choice method, the modification agent will perceive the business profit ERP would bring. this is able to facilitate him to draw a comprehensive communication plant geared toward making a ‘pull’ for the modification. The communication set up might use its numerous weapons from the armory.

the plain examples are Newsletters, Newsflash. In-house journal, addressing by the highest management, web cast, party sessions, conferences formal and informal.

During the business analysis section implementation team is meant to analyze the present business processes. every now and then this ends up in egress ion of some information that isn’t terribly fascinating by the method homeowners, resulting in resistance at this stage, 60 minutes must be once more proactive and perform a close stake-holder analysis. Such AN analysis ought to provides a result in potential areas of drawback and potential champions of modification.


Solution style involves shaping ‘To-be processes’ i.e., the manner business would be meted out in future. At this stage 60 minutes must play the role of catalyst to show the warmth on. the thought is to make sure to create most out of a chance of package enabled business transformation. 60 minutes will play a task by composing to teach and train the proper folks on best business practices, simply before this section.

During the configuration and customization 60 minutes must continue beating the drum, the customization of a typical package could be a massive no-no. Similarly, throughout the room plotting (CARP) it ought to facilitate in distinguishing the proper persons to be concerned in serum globulin.

a radical testing at this stage would end in lesser pain at the time of going live. this can be conjointly time to concentrate on coaching of finish users, the workers World Health

blogger outreach services-organization are visiting use the system once enforced. Training- grooming -training to make sure all the potential users are comfy with usage of package before the system goes live.


During the go-live stage 60 minutes must beat up time to stay the motivation levels high. this can be the time once management starts losing patience mutually bug when the opposite keeps showing and nearly trans          ferral the business to halt. At this stage, 60 minutes must play ‘conscious keeper’ for the highest management once into product relocating the excess could be a challenge that it’s to be ready before it.

This examples makes it clear that involvement of 60 minutes throughout the whole life cycle of technology is effective. ERP isn’t AN isolated case. it’s true for the other technology adoption solely finer details might vary.

thence 60 minutes should play a proactive role instead of being simply a silent spectator or mere executors of the desires of business or chief technology officer just in case of technological changes.

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