Top 6 Offline Marketing Techniques for Boosting Your Small Business

Online marketing techniques are becoming increasingly popular. There’s no doubt that the creation of a website with well-written SEO content and one or more social media accounts can do wonders for improving the brand recognition of your business. However, it’s easy to overlook more traditional methods of marketing which don’t require the use of the internet. None of these techniques need a great deal of financial outlay. If you are struggling, a prestidigitation can give you creditos sin papeleos al instante until you’re back on your feet again.

Let’s look at our 6 top choices for marketing your business which doesn’t involve the internet.

Join local business groups

Many towns and cities have local business associations which meet up regularly for talks, seminars and social get togethers. It’s worth becoming a member of at least one of these groups. Not only will you find out information about local and national funding available for your sector but you’ll also come into contact with like-minded individuals. Other businesspeople can be a source of information, act as mentors and/or give you ideas about ways to expand the products and services you have on offer.

When you meet people through business associations, networking can also play a valuable role in boosting your business. You could cooperate with other businesses which are in a similar line to you (but not in direct competition). These unofficial referrals can benefit both parties.

We often see our business competitors as our rivals. However, if you’re unable to meet the needs of a customer because of too many orders, why not refer a customer to a competitor? They will then do the same for you.

When making a personal referral, always make sure that you trust the quality of the business you’re referring customers to. A recommendation like this reflects on your reputation too.

Distributing flyers

Before giving out advertising material in a particular area, you must have a clear idea of your typical customer.  Analyse your pre-existing customers and where they live. In this way, you can focus on the areas where they live since people with similar interests and of the same socio-economic class tend to live in the same neighbourhoods.

Although flyers can be seen as blanket – rather than targeted – advertising, it will still publicise your business. Make sure that the flyer doesn’t contain too much information. What you need to concentrate on is notifying potential customers of the products and services you offer, your location and contact information.

Putting up posters

Community centres and libraries are just some of the places you can put up posters to advertise your business. Make sure that your copy is short, to the pointand the lettering is large enough to be read from a distance. Each poster should have removable perforated tabs with your contact information so that potential customers can take it with them without having to copy it down.

In order to target the right areas, colour code the posters so that you know where your customers saw the poster.

Additions to flyers and/or posters

To draw more customers, it might be a good idea to run this advertising campaign in tandem with a special offer. Depending on your business, this could be a free consultation/estimation, a coupon for a discount or an extended guarantee. Alternatively, it could be some kind of reward system for repeat customers such as a small gift or further discount.

As your brand becomes better known, you could also run a competition which is advertised on later flyers or posters. You could offer an electronic device as a prize or some of your own products or services.


You can’t expect to be featured in the national press such as until your business expands. However, another way to increase your business profile locally or regionally is to offer to sponsor a community group or sports team. Also, when asked to make donations for fund-raising events, be generous by giving free samples or appraisals to be used as prizes. Attendees will remember your name when they’re later on the lookout for the merchandise or services you offer.

Motivate your employees

If you have employees, they can be the key to expanding your business. First of all, you have to ensure that they are fully train and have an in-depth knowledge of your business. If they bring in extra custom, you should show your appreciation. This doesn’t have to be in the form of a bonus but could be an extra day off or an evening out.

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