Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business Marketing?

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business Marketing Campaign?The advantage of using social media platforms for your marketing campaign is that they enable you to target potential customers with a greater degree of accuracy. This type of campaign is relatively cost-effective too. If you are in need of an emergency cash infusion for personal or professional reasons, online credit facilities from Cashfloat.es are the solution. Click here for more information.

Before launching a campaign, you should bear in mind that not all social media platforms are the same. They appeal to different users and are suitable for different types of business. You have to devotesome time and thought to your marketing strategy so that you opt for the right platform for the needs of your business. The type of business you run (whether you offer goods and/or services; your field of operation – local, regional, national and/or international) and whether you sell to other businesses or directly to consumers will all play a role in deciding which platform is the best for you.

Let’s briefly look at 3 of the most popular platforms


With 2 billion active users and 65 million business pages, Facebook is the world’s largest and best-known social media platform.

One benefit of Facebook is that posting relevant comments can encourage customers and/or potential customers to interact with you. You should aim to post comments at least twice a day and invite reviews, suggestions and comments. Don’t be afraid of criticism. Responding to negative reviews in a professional way and offering some resolution can improve your brand image. Also, negative posts can give you ideas on how to improve the products/services you offer and in which direction you need to expand your business.


With 1 billion monthly users, this image- and video-sharing social media platform is perfect if you are offering highly-visual products such as those in the lifestyle category like food products and fashion items/accessories.

You should aim to post at least twice a day and ensure that any images are of high resolution and top quality. The use of hashtags can increase the number of followers your business has and boost their engagement with you and your products/services.


LinkedIn is a professional network which is used predominantly by job seekers, business executives, freelancers and HR personnel. For this reason, it is the ideal choice if your business predominantly sells to other.

businesses rather than to the public. It is worth paying for a subscription to their premium service.

because you will be able to customise your search parameters. This enables you to specify criteria such as location and/or industry.

network in the most efficient way to specific inboxes. You should update your profile frequently and post at least twice a week in order to boost your brand awareness.

Social media platforms are a great way to market your business but you shouldn’t neglect other more traditional ways. Newspaper ads (such as in El Pais), door-to-door leafleting and sponsorship deals still have a role to play even today.

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