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HBL Small Business Finance offers Running Finance, Demand Finance, Letter of Guarantees and Letter of Credit against mortgaged of residential/ commercial/ industrial properties.

  • Financing up to PKR 10 million

  • ​Demand Finance Facility up to 70% of the assessed value of your property

  • Affordable instalments/mark up

  • Running Finance and Guarantee facilities renewable every year

  • Demand Finance facility up to 3 years

  • 25 to 65 years of age

  • The sponsor/mortgagor/borrower/ must be resident Pakistanis

  • A business in operation for at least 3 years

  • A valid CNIC

  • Loan application Form

  • Copies of last 3 years Income Tax returns filed in the business name, if applicable

  • Copies of last 3 years Income Tax and Wealth Tax returns / statements filed for partners/ proprietor/ directors, if applicable

  • Copy of Title documents (Sale Deeds, Transfer Letter, etc.) and other supporting documents of property offered to the bank as security

  •  latest payment receipt for Property Tax and duties, levies paid in respect of the property offered to the bank as security, if applicable

  •  current professional association / trade body membership, if applicable

  • Borrower’s Basic Fact Sheet on the appended format

  • Rent Agreement of business place (if premises on rent)

  • Two recent Passport size Photographs of the partners / proprietor

  • Stock report in case of Manufacturing and Service concern

  • Your last paid utility bill and business data

  • Insurance of mortgage property after loan is approved

  • Documents (internal ledgers & sales register) to prepare Financials Evaluation (as per attached Forma


    finance companies



  • A certified copy of your bank statement for the last 1 year

  • A proprietorship letter or partnership deed or latest form 29 or search report as applicable

  • Evaluation of collateral and legal vetting of property documents


The product is focused towards SMEs in Manufacturing, Services and Trading sector

Repayment Mode & Frequency

RF: Quarterly

DF: Repayable in equal monthly installments consisting of principal and mark-up.

Additional Mark-up

Additional mark-up on late payment of mark-up / installments shall be charged as follows:

  1. Up to 30 days from due date: No additional Mark-up to be applied as per Section 4.6.
  2. More than 30 days from due date: Additional mark-uprate of 5% p.a. over and above applicable markup rate to be applied from due date till adjustment / settlement date of the amount due.
Tenor of business loan

Running Finance- On Demand

Demand Finance- Up to 3 years

Letter of Guarantee- Up to 2 years

Letter of Credit- Up to 180 days


Running Finance: 3 months average asking KIBOR plus applicable spread

Demand Finance: 1 year average asking KIBOR plus applicable spread

Letter of Guarantee/Letter of Credit- As per Schedule of Bank Charges​

Fees and Charges

As per schedule of charges

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