Top Seven Automobile Business Ideas You Can Try

The vast automobile industry is enhancing the entire global economy, and by 2026 would attain a turnover of approximately $300 billion. Small-scale business owners can easily start their journey from here. Several profitable ideas floating in the market right now include spare parts or luxurious accessories store, battery reconditioning, etc., and all one need to do is grasp any soon. For details, please go through the pointers specified below.

Brake Linings

Brake linings, also known as brake shoes, are a vital component of commercial vehicles. They create friction to reduce speed of a passenger car or scooter perhaps, thus, keep accidents at bay. Obtain raw materials such as asbestos, cast iron, resin, screw, paste adhesive, etc. and proceed with manufacturing.

Clutch Plates

To stop a car without damaging its engine, you must be capable of transferring from spinning to non-spinning mode. A clutch plate largely simplifies this endeavour. As per recent studies, its market is experiencing substantial profits and would continue expanding even in the coming days.


Gasket seals varied components inside a vehicle for preventing air and fluid leakage. If you are planning on manufacturing then delivering, procure high-quality gasket sheets, and then cut them into required size with a shearing machine. Also pack them in cardboard boxes. You need to procure trade license under all circumstances to carry out with this business.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs stabilise the position between wheels and the one driving the vehicle. When a car comes across a bump, the spring deflects, thus, allow smooth ride. Besides as a separate component, you can also sell them along with other spare parts. Now isn’t that great?


U-clamps or U-bolts hold the leaf springs together by maintaining a vehicle’s ride height. You can change impaired U-clamps, and replace them with new ones from the market. First place the car on a flat surface, identify the bolt, remove pressure, take out the old bolt, install the new bolt, and clean up. 

Used Car

By selling used cars, you would be able to help several individuals, who wish to have their own means of transportation but unfortunately cannot afford it. For earning substantial amounts of money, make sure to collect more or less functioning vehicles either independently or via a brand.

Washing Zone

This is rightly considered one of the most lucrative automobile businesses of all. Apart from a proper space, it is mandatory to invest in lifting bay, washing machineries, water source, pneumatic tools, and manpower. Immediate payment, availability of initial capital, opportunity to offer various allied services simultaneously, etc. are few distinct benefits.

Besides ideas stated above, one can also manufacture customised number plates, which individuals prefer nowadays. Search here to know more regarding them. Well, just like any brand-new venture, establishing an automobile business, and letting it gain a strong footing in the market require utmost dedication.

Prospective entrepreneurs must work for a prolonged period, face a wide range of challenges courageously, and quickly come up with innovative solutions for complicated problems.

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