The Best Laptops and Tablets with Windows 8

Windows 8 with many new devices are launched:

From small to large touch-screen laptop is all there. We show you the best tablets and laptops for Windows 8With Windows 8 coming many new laptops and tablets on the market.

The two categories merge into one more: Laptops get a touch-sensitive display and can be donated via the operator (Clamshell). Or you can use the notebook fold display the same and then have a tablet in hand (Convertible).

Nearly all manufacturers also plan to offer modular units a tablet with a clip-on keyboard (Detachable).

The computing components such as CPU and memory sitting in the tablet. The keyboard offers more for docking interfaces and an extra battery so the tablet becomes a laptop.


Notebooks with touch display

The different formats are there certain advantages and disadvantages.

Only at the touch of a notebook, you get the laptop familiar computing power and interface equipment. In turn,

the touch interface with these devices is very inconvenient: you have to always reach out to touch the screen. In addition, with most devices, it wobbles disturbing to the finger touch.


Laptops for folding

It is convenient when you work with a rotating screen on the keyboard, and so make the notebook to Tablet and quickly switch between fingers and keyboard operation.

The disadvantage of this solution: If the unit is working as fast as a laptop, for example, variancetv, with an Intel Core processor, it will be much heavier and thicker than a tablet.


Tablets with a plug-in keyboard

Tablets with the clip-on keyboard are as thin and light as you would expect from a tablet. However, they lack therefore a higher capacity most work with an Atom processor and are thus significantly slower than core notebooks. Moreover,

these tablets do not have many connections: The first you get when you plug the tablet into the docking keyboard.

The clip-on solution is ideal when you know you only need to move the tablet, the keyboard you can leave them at home.


Touch pen for the desktop interface

The Metro interface of Windows 8 can operate well with your finger. The situation is different when you switch to desktop mode.

So that you can also use small icons there and menu items by touch, many manufacturers put the tablets in a pen:

For example, Asus, Samsung, and Sony. The course will also make it possible with matching apps handwritten notes or drawings.


Windows 8 or Windows RT

Even more, variety to bring the two Windows versions: the complete Windows 8 and the ARM version Windows RT. Some manufacturers make both 8 and RT devices on the market, for example, Asus, Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo probably.

Others, such as Acer, HP, Sony, and Toshiba chat with RT devices behind Because normal Windows programs do not run under RT,

they have doubts as to whether the buyer will opt for this version although the RT-tablets will be cheaper than full Windows 8 devices. Like the Asus RT-Vivo Tab,

most devices work on the quad-core processor NVidia Tegra 3 and are extremely small and lightweight: Most have a 10-inch screen and weighs less than 600 grams


And what does it cost?

At prices that most manufacturers do not cover: But we must assume that the RT-Tablets will cost under 600 euros, the prices for the Windows 8 devices will start from around 600 to 700 euros.

Which devices with Windows 8 and touch will go live, we’ll show you in the gallery.

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