Search Engines: For Your Website Traffic?

Can You Rely On Search Engines Traffic Alone For Success?

This may sound like an unusual question, though, many sites struggle to get traffic from the search engines, or what is otherwise known as ” Organic Traffic”.

“Firstly, I am a huge believer that Gaining traffic by ranking at the top of the search engines is the best way to increase visitor numbers”

The search engines are usually the main source of traffic for most sites pname com skype raider, followed by referrer traffic than direct traffic.

Though, what if you have relied entirely on this (The search engines) traffic source, then your visitor numbers from the search engines just drop off?

What if you have not built up a strong second or third traffic source through using Social media sites(Twitter, Facebook, etc) and you are now playing a game of catch up to compensate for your loss of traffic through the search engines?

Not Ranked On Page One In The Search Engines Results?

I don”t want to go jumping into the whole Page one in Google Search results(Or any other search engine) though, whether we like it or not, the amount of traffic we are getting from the search engines is directly related to where we(our pages, keywords) are ranked in the Search Engines.

So, if we are relying on this “one source of traffic” and we are not ranking up on page one for big volume (or many average volumes) keywords, we are really “shooting ourselves in the foot” if we don’t have some traffic backup sources!

Here is a great post by Steve Scott to show you that even having good results in the search engines still means you need to do a lot of work to get healthy visitor numbers

Over at the Steve Scott website vumoo, Steve has done a fantastic post where he talks about how to increase website traffic by 30.1% and discusses how he has achieved this.

So how did I increase my search engine traffic?

It was a simple process:

  • I targeted 20 (or so) blog posts and found a good keyword for each one
  • I search engine optimized all of these articles
  • I created several backlinks to each post and my main URL.

What’s a search engine optimization 101? And I’m sure you’re already familiar with how this works.

Notice that even though Steve managed to get some of his pages (posts) up on page one (top spot) in the search engine results, he still admits that this was not the main reason behind his increase in website traffic. He mentions putting more work into building his list” It’s in the list”! And other methods to make the most of the visitors he gets from those ranking results.

Here’s another great article, this time by Ditesco over on his Iblogzone website, Traffic Generation Just like the Steve Scott website, Ditesco has some fantastic articles to read.

The Disco article also looks into the importance of building “your social profile” by getting involved in social sites to increase your website traffic. There are plenty of linked article resources in the “Traffic Generation Strategies” post.

Too Much Search Engines Not Enough Social Engagement!

Another thing is, several successful websites I have visited get the majority of their visitors from “pushing hard” with their social media accounts. The main two being twitter and Facebook.

Many sites have built huge Facebook followings that become loyal regular readers, and often become members of that site.

I set up Accounts on social sites(Twitter, Stumble, etc) though, I never set those accounts up in the best way to maximize their potential for gaining some ” Reserve Traffic” In case of emergencies, such as when our traffic from the search engines dries up!

Then I went and closed some of my accounts (It’s a long story) when I should have just opened up a new account and started fresh…..doing everything properly from the outset…

Yeah, I know that the traffic from social sites is not regarded too highly these days.

Though, when you are struggling to gain back “lost search engine traffic” if your pages have dropped in the rankings, the visits from the social sites would be quite helpful to boost the numbers a little.

My own experience! No Page One In the Search Engines, No Big Traffic!

When I have relied solely on traffic from the search engines, by trying to rank my high volume(quality)pages(keywords) on page one, I have got the very ” Big rush” of traffic(when certain pages hit page one) then a big drop off when those pages later fell in the ranking.

Even when I dropped just one or two positions on page one (say from 7 to 9) the traffic dropped. Then when those pages later dropped down to page two that was the end of the “high volume” traffic (Just a few visits for those pages from the search engines).

When those pages (keywords) dropped to page three that was it. The traffic just died off.

What I did try during those periods was to do plenty of Extra Blog commenting, and my rewards though not great, were increased visitors, some more Backlinks and a slight jump in Rankings for my pages in the Search Engines.

So, as much as I remain a very strong supporter of using the Search Engines to rank our pages for increased website traffic, I also believe it would be wise to “not put all of our eggs in the one basket” as the saying goes.

Why not leave your thoughts on how using the search engines to generate traffic to your site has even worked well, or not so well!

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