What is the Best First Gun to Buy and What Should I Know Before Getting One?

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Are you wondering what is the best first gun to buy? If yes, then you should click here to learn what gun to get along with what to know before getting it.

Every year, guns prevent over 2.5 million crimes.
Daily, that breaks down to 6,849 crimes prevented from happening every single day, all because of guns. Along with increasing your safety, guns are also a skilled hobby.

Instead of being stuck at home during the weekend, you can spend your time at the gun range sharpening your shooting skills.

you won’t get any fun out of your new hobby if you don’t have the right firearm at your side. Choosing the best first gun to buy is a challenge all potential gun owners face.

New shooters often fall into the trap of buying a gun that’s either too powerful, too weak, or just doesn’t match up with what they’re trying to do.

Are you thinking about buying your very first gun? Read on to learn how to pick the right gun for you.

Choosing the Best

First Gun to Buy

As a new shooter, you’ll want to focus on finding a gun that fits you personally. Here are some of the different gun types to consider as a beginner:

Purpose of your gun



Guns with special equipment

Are you planning on buying a hunting rifle to use recreational? Or are you planning on getting a gun to practice your shooting skills?

The purpose of your gun will go a long way towards helping you narrow down the selection.

Some people instantly fall in love with the way a semiautomatic feels in their hands, and how easy they are to conceal.

While other gun lovers find themselves favoring more simple guns, like revolvers.

In many cases, gun enthusiasts can become more excited about the different ways you can equip a gun, rather than the gun itself.

For example, you can get a gun equipped with a laser or fiber-optic iron sights.

Ultimately, you’ll discover that all of the research in the world about what gun to buy, will never beat the first-hand experience.

That’s why we suggest trying to find a gun shop that also has a range you can test the gun out on before buying it.

Understanding What Caliber Means

It’s not uncommon for a new gun owner to rush into buying a handgun, before even finding out what caliber the gun is. Before you can decide on the best first gun to buy,

you’ll want to become very comfortable with the concept before making a purchase. Here are some tips about the caliber for beginners:

  • Caliber measures bullet’s diameter

  • Self-defense caliber is different than recreational

  • All handguns and rifles use caliber

All rifles and handguns have caliber measurements. The caliber is a measurement made on the inside of the gun that tells the diameter of the bullet.

In most cases, you’ll see the caliber measured in hundredths of an inch.
Your choice in caliber is critical since your a new shooter. You can either end up with too much gun, or even worse you could be under gunned.

You’ll also want to consider what you want the gun to do when choosing your caliber.

For example, if you want a handgun for self-defense, there are specific criteria the self-defense caliber has to meet.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to shoot for recreational purposes, like at a gun range, you’ll need a specific type of long-range caliber.

Use Affordable Well Known Calibers

As a new shooter, you should stick to well-known handgun calibers.

Here are the top benefits of using well-known handgun calibers that aren’t overly powerful:

  • Standard calibers are easy to find

  • Regular calibers are less expensive

  • Using standard calibers makes practice easy

Stay away from overly powerful types like Magnum rounds. On top of being too powerful,

Magnum rounds are also more expensive than regular cartridges, and they can be difficult to find.

We suggest you stay away from expensive cartridges so that you’ll be able to afford to shoot regularly.

It’s only through shooting a specific caliber regularly that you can begin building your shooting skills.
Top 4 Beginner Calibers

So far we’ve been discussing what caliber is and what traits to look for in your gun. Here are the top 4 caliber choices for beginners:

  • 22 LR
  • 9 MM
  • 38 Special
  • 45 ACP

Each caliber listed above has it’s own set of unique advantages new shooters can enjoy.

22 LR for Safety
If you want to choose your caliber based on affordability, the 22 LR is the choice for you.

This caliber is easy to find and is often sold in bulk for a discounted price. Ruger SR-22 and Walther P22 are great 22 caliber pistols for beginners.

9 MM

Looking for the most convenient caliber gun to shop for? 9 MM rounds are easy to find online and in gun stores, with discounted bulk buying options.

There is more recoil with a 9 MM than an LR 22, but the difference is minimal.

The best 9 MM handguns to check out as a new shooter are the Glock 17, Ruger SR9C, and the CZ 75 B.

38 Special

The 38 Special is an older type of round that has a very low recoil similar to the 22 LR rounds.

If you want a wheel gun, instead of a semiautomatic, then a 38 Special is the perfect choice for you. We suggest trying the Rossi 352 or Smith and Wesson 38.

45 ACP

Out of all the rounds we’ve talked about, the 45 ACP has the highest recoil.

Yet, new shooters can still enjoy this caliber since the recoil isn’t harsh or startling.

Users describe the recoil as a slow gentle push, rather than a jolting kick.

Patiently Build Your Gun Knowledge

Now you know more about how to choose the best first gun to buy. Yet,

you might still find yourself with a lot of unanswered questions. Guns are a world of their own, and there’s always something new even the most experienced gun owner can learn.

Be patient with yourself as you embark on the journey of owning a gun. Rather than trying to cram all of the information in as quickly as possible, take your time.

Learning about guns is a life-long process, and you’ll constantly be building on your knowledge base.

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