Choose The Right Way to Stay With Your Older Woman

An older woman may just be the best thing that happens to her admirers’ life. She is older than the ordinary women these cabs should be chasing but not too old to be their grannies. The difference is, she is not looking for love and affection. In many cases, she has probably tried it all, and she has given up. All she wants now is to get laid. She just wants to enjoy the vigor and energy in a younger man. The only good thing here is that this no-strings-attached mutually beneficial agreement could last for as long as it satisfies them, so you need to know what to do and not to do when it comes to handling her:

Stick to her

One of the toughest rules is that never let her catch you’re eyeing a younger woman. She may be older, but she is a woman at first. Despite being successful, hot and smart, the unwritten rule of my man alone still applies to her. A younger woman is no consolation either. Older women see this as competition, and no woman wants to compete for attention with a man, and this could get ugly.

Just like with any other woman, confidence is the key. She knows she is older than you and for sure she doesn’t have to be reminded this all the time. You do not need to act like her child. From the moment you approach her, she wants to see that you believe in yourself.

Keep her interested

If it’s your killer body she is interested in, then make sure to maintain it on the check. Hit the gym like before she met you. If it is the sense of humor that acts as your plus point, then you better keep her entertained. Flirt around with her. Even though this should not be the first insinuation, take all your charms with you and remain manly enough so that she is proud to be associated with yourself.

Don’t expect so much from the older woman

She is mostly out to have fun. She has probably tried serious dating and married life, and all she needs now is to have zero attachments to whatever you are having. In fact, if she suspects you have started developing feelings, it might be your ticket out of business. In this case, don’t go in too hard. She could call it off anytime when she finds a better deal.

Let her run the show

Many older women are probably running away from a submissive kind of relationship. In this case, she wants to feel in control. On the other hand, she is older, has seen more, knows more and thus letting her run the show might just be the only option you have for mutual happiness. Since older women dating is no longer frowned upon in the society today, take advantage of this and make both of you happy. Since you stand to benefit the more, sometimes it pays to just humble and let the captain run the show while you enjoy the sail.

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