Short History of BMW Company

BMW is a driving pleasure. At least that’s what people deem the wheels of this top-notch company. Like any other manufacturing company, BMW has had its moments of toil. The success of the motor manufacturing company may make one think it has had a quiet walk over the years. Wait, why would one care to know BMW’s darkest moments when all they need are the wheels?

Well, you should know that BMW has taken a lot to diversify into what it is presently. In essence, a little history of the success behind what you’re enjoying won’t hurt, would it?

How BMW Started

First and foremost, what does BMW stand for? The acronym stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH.  The acronym translates to Bavarian Motor Works. BMW has its origin in Bavaria, Germany. It was first founded on 7th March 1916. From Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, the company was renamed BMW in 1922. The company produced aircraft engines from 1917 to 1918. It continued production of the same from 1933 to 1945.

BMW has its headquarters in Munich. It produces vehicles in several countries such as Germany, China, Brazil, etc. The vehicles have a circular white and blue logo. The logo bears the colors of the flag of Bavaria. Next, take a look at how the company developed to what it is today.

Development Stages of BMW

BMW has seen several developmental stages since its formation in 1917. Three manufacturing companies contributed to what BMW is today. These companies were:

  • Rapp Motorenwerke- the founder was Karl Friedrich Rapp. He founded the company in 1913.
  • Bayerische Flugzeugwerke- Gustav Otto birthed this company in 1913.
  • Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach- Eisenach was founded as a stock company in 1896.

It wasn’t uncommon for Bayerische Flugzeugwerke to struggle. As you’ve seen, every company goes through a dark fate. However, the fate of the struggling Bayersiche did not last for long. Rapp Motorenwerke absorbed it.

Events had BMW include Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach in its circle. It happened in 1928. The acquisition meant big for BMW as a company. Back then, it was only manufacturing airplane engines. The company climbed to higher heights and ventured into designing automotive vehicles for civilians.

BMW’s First Car

Manufacturing civilian motors was a vast diversification for BMW. The company’s first car was excitement, but it was a borrowed design. It adopted the model from Austin Motor Company. Quite trivial, but well, there’s always the first step to everything. In 1932, BMW wrapped its head around the art of manufacturing. It started to employ its designs to manufacture its products.

Tough Times for BMW during World War II

BMW experienced tough times and mishaps. The experiences of World War II and more have shaped this company into what it is today. Some of these challenges are:

Halt in Automobile Production

World War II was a terrible phase for BMW. The struggle was so severe that the company came to the point of extinction. The events had BMW focus on German air force aircraft and motorcycles for the German army. Civilians who were using the machines were left unattended- with no automobile production for their benefit. It’s not like BMW had a choice here. The government was in control of manufacturing and production at the time.

Employment of Foreign Workers

As if the cease in automobile production wasn’t enough. BMW still had it rough. The company had to employ foreign workers to continue production. The workers took over the roles of the German military men. On top of it, Allied forces took power over BMW and dismantled it. The creation of what the company was designed to do was falling drastically.

The happenings seemed like the end times for BMW. It had to do something to survive, even if it meant stooping so low. Finally, the company resorted to producing pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. I know, right? The thought of it is disturbing- from engines to kitchen stuff and farm equipment? Well, as disturbing as it was, it prevented the company from going under. Times finally changed, and BMW went back to producing what it was born to do…

What’s in a Name?

Three letters have given the company major success. Well, not just on home soil but worldwide too. As you’ve seen, the success didn’t come on a silver platter. Despite the setback and numerous challenges, BMW found its feet and its place. Today, the company boasts of reliability, quality, and outstanding engineering to develop its products.

Generally, BMW is known to sell luxury motorcycles and vehicles. To date, BMW makes the list of the top ten car brands on the planet. It has taken commitment and dedication to stand out among the most premium manufacturing companies. Truly, BMW has earned its title in the books and as an online auto parts store.

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