Hardwood Flooring Tips

Is spending time at home from the COVID-19 lockdown making you realize that you need to renovate? Do you want to replace the hardwood flooring in an area in your home? Do you want to learn about what the pros do when they pick hardwood flooring for homes?

It can be overwhelming to see the many options that are available on the market. When you’re choosing hardwood flooring, you want to pick the best one for the house. These ten pro tips will guide you in picking the correct hardwood flooring for your home.

Know What You Need

Before you go out to look for various flooring designs, find out what you need. First, how much hardwood flooring do you need? Knowing how large the project is can affect basics like the budget.

What is the general scope of the project? Do you plan to change the color of the hardwood floors? Consider the purpose of the room or area in the house when you decide on colors.

Does light enter the area? Are there room elements that’ll clash with a color choice? For example, in the kitchen, be wary of the color of cabinets or counters.

Determine your Total Budget

We already mentioned one factor that will affect your budget. Other aspects that affect your budget are:

  • Solid or engineered flooring
  • Wood types
  • Type of finish
  • Plank thickness

For example, engineered flooring will last longer

than traditional boards. Wood types like oak are more expensive because of their durability. Refinished hardwood flooring will cost less and is easier to install by yourself.


Take time to research every element of hardwood flooring and what’s best for your home. We can’t highlight how important research is to any project. It’s especially vital for making decisions that will last and affect you in the long-term.

Find out why adding hardwood flooring to the concrete floor is more difficult. Research the two major types of finishes and which one suits your lifestyle best. If you dislike frequent maintenance, find out which hardwood flooring doesn’t need much of it.

If you will do a DIY hardwood flooring installation, research the correct procedure. Note also that the installation process will depend on the type of hardwood flooring you get.

Again, we can’t stress this enough: research and do it well.

Learn the Installation Method

Before you decide on the type of hardwood flooring, research the ideal installation method for your floor. This will depend on the sub floor in your home and the hardwood product. It’ll also give you an idea of the labor ahead of you.

For example, engineered hardwood allows for easier installation via glue or mechanical fastening. You can also install engineered hardwood as a “floating floor”. In contrast, solid hardwood flooring needs to get nailed or stapled to a wood sub floor.

Consider the Members of the Household

Keep in mind the people or pets that live in the home. Households with young children or pets need more durable hardwood floors. You’ll want to pick harder wood types and woods with stronger graining.

Do you have children or pets in the house? If you do, the best hardwood flooring for you is a scratch-resistant type in lighter colors. These last longer and often show scratches less.

Keep the Style Consistent

What if your home is full of wood floors and you only need to replace the flooring in one area? If this is the case, you want to keep the style throughout the home consistent. It’ll look better than having Frankenstein’s monster-inspired flooring.

It’s also worth checking the other wooden furniture or elements in a room. For example, certain colors may match the walls and cabinets in a room better. Take time in testing various styles for central areas like the living room or dining room.

Don’t Be Too Cheap

Cheaper types or variations of hardwood flooring don’t give you great deals. You’ll save more on that purchase. Yet, you often get what you pay for.

In the same vein, don’t overspend on a project to replace your patio flooring. Always spend only enough for the project. This is why research is important before you commit to a specific type of wood or other.

Be wary of online sellers as well. Always remember the dangers of buying online. You may get scammed, the wrong colors, unneeded fees, and more.

Get the Right Measurements

Nothing is worse than finding out you bought far too much or too little wood. Thus, you must get the correct measurements. Get the right measurements for the room and the right estimate for how much you need.

When you measure your room, use a trustworthy measuring tape. If possible, have a second or even third measuring tape at hand for double-checking. If you don’t know how to measure, call a family member or friend who knows how to measure.

After you get the measurement of the entire room, add 5 percent of the total square feet. This extra bit will act as the cutting allowance.

Create a Flooring Checklist

Are the many aspects of choosing hardwood flooring difficult to keep track of? If you don’t want to miss out or forget certain elements, create a checklist. This way, you avoid confusion and you keep track of earlier decisions you made.

For example, grades for hardwood lumber and unfinished hardwood grades are two different things. If you’re picking for color variation and style, check the hardwood grades. It’s not the same as picking high-grade hardwood lumber for its durability and use.

Check for Traffic Patterns at Home

This is the final but not least pro tip for choosing your hardwood flooring. Be aware of the traffic g patterns in your house. That means you must find out which rooms or areas need resilient flooring.

High-traffic areas often include entryways and exits to and from rooms. Areas leading into and out of the house are also high-traffic areas. Knowing these busy areas is vital for deciding on a type of hardwood flooring.

You always want to use high-quality flooring in high-traffic areas.

Start Choosing Hardwood Flooring That Works Best Now!

That’s it for our guide to choosing hardwood flooring. We hope these ten tips will help you pick the right kind of hardwood flooring for your home.

We hope this guide on the top ten pro tips on picking hardwood flooring was informative. Do you want to see more guides on home care? Check out our other guides for more content on flooring and other elements of the home.

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